Blog Love - and My Inspiration: Modern Country

I'm in love. No really. I am. You see, I've discovered a beautiful design style that feels so right for our Twice Remembered Cottage. I've gone down many decorating paths since we moved to our home - well, to the extent possible for someone living in a house that's being remodeled. I've tried traditional style, rustic country, a bit of contemporary - oh, a little bit of everything. Having lived in a white apartment for ten years, one thing I knew when we moved here was that whatever direction took, there would always be lots of color and definitely no white walls! This explains my red cabinets, which I still adore to this day and don't worry...I wouldn't consider changing any other color.
The more I look at Swedish country style homes, the more I long for white, white, white!


That whole "no white" kick changed a couple of years ago when I decided I wanted a calmer palette. We painted our walls a very light beige/off-whitish shade called Malted Milk. I've loved the change.


The more I look at Swedish and French country style homes like this one in Norway that belongs to the talented Aina of Modern Country, the more I long for white, white, white! Aina so graciously gave me permission to borrow a few of the *gorgeous* photos she took of her home and I'd like to share with you what I love about it, why I think her predominantly white palette works,and what I want to copy for my own home! This is it girls...this is the future of Twice Remembered!

Many of the Swedish country homes I visit {via blogs} have white floors, which I think is so pretty! We did have our floors painted white for the longest time before we put our hardwood down, and I know I used the wrong paint...I was going for quick and cheap since it was temporary...but it was HARD for me to keep clean. So what I love about Aina's home is that she has wood flooring like we do now, and I really think it helps to warm up all the white and provides a nice anchor for such a pale color scheme. See how nicely her floors stand out?

I need to ask Aina if her walls are truly white or if that is a pale gray or blue I'm seeing? I know that for Twice Remembered, I'll stick to a shade of white or very, very, very pale off-white. And it goes without saying that I adore the beadboard!

Another element that I think makes "white work" here is that Aina has intermingled a balanced amount of darker elements such as baskets, dark metal accents,candle holders, shelf brackets, and so on. One of my favorite colors is a shade of brown that is so dark it's almost black. The contrast against the white is striking.

I can't resist a dark, well made, old fashioned basket - and you can put me over the edge by filling it with beautiful, crisp white linens!

More linens and the sweet ticking adds a bit of French charm...

This just goes to show that the whole world loves a chalkboard.

Aina has inspired me to start looking for lovely antique sepia photos at flea markets and online...How nostalgic is this?!

More dark elements and ticking! For our home, I would use red, black, or brown ticking I think.

What I love here: beautiful painted numbers on raw wood and white linen embroidered in red

Next year, we'll be in the market for a new sofa and this is very similar to the style I'd like to have - it has that European feel to it. I love Aina's natural fabric choice. I've seen a lot of white sofa's out there, and like white floors, I just don't think it would work in our home. I would have to go even darker than Aina's sofa, I do believe, but I wish I didn't have to! {Perhaps everyone in my family would agree to sit on the floor and just admire the beautiful new sofa for the next ten years?}

Not only does silver mercury glass look beautiful against white, it looks great with those dark accents, too!

More silver - so romantic!

LOVE this vignette! Those pillows on the sofa are definitely on my Twice Remembered "accent list". So French and so perfect!

I'm going to just say it: I want a chandelier in every room of the house. A little much? Maybe. But they are just so pretty! I especially love the crystal against the dark metal. {Is it just me, or is there nothing that looks bad against dark metal?}

*Le sigh.* With a mainly white palette, a plant, a vase of flowers, or any fresh greenery is especially refreshing {the very first photo at the top, for instance}...

Aina's skill at creating scrumptious, magazine quality vignettes is so impressive! I loved this photo for the darker elements, the old table, the little touch of red in the French linen - and I adore bread.

Aina's home is beautiful, her photography skills are beautiful, and her creations are beautiful as well! Just look at what she can do with vintage linens - and then check out her other items in her shop - Aina's Charme!

I can't tell you how much Aina and Modern Country have inspired me in the European/French/Swedish direction I want to take with Twice Remembered. Fresh, bright, romantic, nostalgic, a few pops of dark and a few pops of silver and a few pops of red {playing off our kitchen cabinets}, and lots and lots of white! Thank you, Aina!

{In the coming weeks, I'll be featuring a few other inspiring Swedish and French blogs. I can't wait to share them with you - and I can't wait to add some European charm to Twice Remembered!}


  1. Yes, I have looked at Modern Country often too. I love so many of the Scandinavian blogs. My two favorites are both Swedish, and they feature women involved in a country home restoration.

    Jennys Hem och Harmoni--I absolutely adore what Jenny does! She is my style to a "T" She uses a lot of white, splashes of red and blue, wicker etc. Her newly renovated basement laundry room is the most charming I have ever seen.

    Granne Med Selma--This is Swedish also. Susie and her family have been renovating their lovely Swedish country home for about 20 years. The husband is a master carpenter. They are real do-it-yourselfers and come up with lots of clever solutions.

    I love the charming simplicity of both these country homes. By the way, one is red and the other yellow, typical Swedish colors.

  2. Kim,

    Most of our rooms are white. I love how accessories pop against them and how clean and less distracting they are. I'm happy you are NOT going to paint those beautiful cabinets. Thank you for sharing the link, I am going to pop over and look at her shoppe.


  3. Oh my! You're always there when I need you.
    I've been desperately browsing the net for a country Bedroom that I like. I found some.. But Every room that I liked what mostly white. I thought I had a problem, because it's not the usual me.
    ..But I'm in a appartment I'll move from in a years ½ and I don't want to paint. Happens our bedroom walls are white, and now I'm embracing them! ahah

    You know, it did the trick in my daughter's room, I should be able to pull this off for the master too.. :)

    Looking forward to what you'll link. And thanks at the first commenter who provided gorgeous link too! (I'll need to use a translator though....)

  4. goodness, its gorgeous, I love the baskets with the white linens, so fresh and crisp!

  5. What a beautiful post, all that white is very peaceful and clean. I love white for a cottage but can only use it sparingly and on cleanable surfaces (5 kids and a husband) don't ya know. It is wonderful on beadboard. I read a blog I think you would enjoy if you want to see white. Here is her link.

  6. Everything is so beautiful! I love European style, so I will definitely have to check out her blog.

  7. So modern country it is then! It's very clean, cozy, and inviting. I think it would be excellent for your home.

  8. Thank you for sharing this piece of heaven. The words serene, bliss and perfection come to mind. It would be hard to have a bad day in such surroundings. Absolutely lovely.

  9. Oh my my...that is just fantastic. I can certainly see why you want to go that direction. It's just totally lovely.

  10. The baskets were divine....really wonderful, thanks for sharing!

  11. Wow, I really like her design style. Very pretty. Like you,I have gone through all sorts of decorating styles, and with a upcoming move this year...I don't know what direction to go in. Guess I will let the new house speak to me to see.
    Thanks for sharing such wonderful inspiration.

  12. Kim,
    What beautiful photos! I just love whites and creams, however with two big messy dogs, I can't see that it would work for me at this time. Can't wait to see how you make it work in your fabulous home... Dee Dee

  13. crazy fab over-the-top beautiful. when you adore white, you just adore white...especially the Scandinavian style. the only thing i cannot get an answer on is how to not scuff up the white painted floors and not get the rub-off from people's bluejeans. HELP!

  14. I love looking at the white, but alas its not for me. I tried a white and blue thing a few years back but I kept missing more color. I need color where we live--the homes are very dark and the all-white just won't work. Maybe someday I will have a beach condo that I can do up in mainly white--the light at the beach is perfect for that look! Love all your phtos, your blog, and especially, YOUR KITCHEN!

  15. It's truly beautiful and so fresh looking. But I'm still into the color mode of life. White walls scare me all over a house...that could change someday...
    Thanks for showing us..

  16. Oh how pretty! I have been swooning over this white country style myself lately but I'm sure it is not my houses style. I have lightened my palette to more light neutrals with splashes of white and it seems to work with the color I already had so I don't have to redo EVERYTHING. I also enjoy color and think I would go crazy cleaning dirty prints off of all white.However, with the right home that was screaming for all white to say a beach cottage, I would sacrifice and go for it anyway :) Can't wait to see what you do!

  17. I love it too!

    You must also check out this blog I found a while ago (you will have to translate it to English - but the photos alone make it work visiting everyday!!):

    I SO enjoy your blog!

  18. Beautiful! I love the black on the all white. So crisp and clean. Wouldn't stay clean in my house though. I have been reading your blog for a few months now. Love it!

  19. I too love her home! I wish I could do all white here in my home, it just wouldn't work for us but I do love looking at those great pictures!

  20. I have been having the same longings lately!!!!! I have been stalking her blog as well as many others that are similar..(have you heard of Lantlif? If not click back to my site & I did a post on her in Jan....she is also totally amazing.....)
    My whole home is done in warm creamy colors w/ a little taupe-ish mixed in, (with the exception of our living room which has "parchment paper" walls but white slipcovers!
    So there is hope for that room. So now, like you, I am so close to redoing it all. I LOVE that style!


  21. Oh, the pictures are gorgeous! I love the dark baskets against the white! I can definitely imagine this style working for you and your home. It will be beautiful! :)

  22. I appreciate all the blog recommendations! I *love* Jenny's blog, Linden! One of my favorites, too!

    Off to check out the rest! Thanks, everyone!